What to Expect in an Osteopathy Session

Osteopathy, athletic therapy and cranial sacral therapy may be different then other forms of therapy you’ve undergone.

We work with only one patient per session, allowing for a thorough assessment, hands-on treatment of structures involved with the limitations presented for that day. Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length.

We also educate and prescribe exercises specific for each patient. All rehabilitation exercises are prescribed, monitored and progressed appropriately by a qualified practitioner.

You can expect a full body, manual and active rehabilitation approach.

Our treatment techniques use a light touch and a hands-on approach to treat pain and dysfunction.

We use therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation only when implicated and beneficial.

We will begin by talking about how your body is feeling and what brought you into the clinic.

We will then evaluate your injury or condition by using a variety of assessment tools.

We recommend that you wear loose fitting clothing, shorts, T-shirts or tank tops. You may be asked to bring appropriate footwear, such as runners, you may be shown exercises as part of your active rehabilitation.

We will use pillows, blankets, and bolsters so you can be completely relaxed and comfortable. Sessions can be as quiet or as interactive as you would like. In all cases the sessions will be specific to your needs.

The number and frequency of sessions required varies depending on the injury or condition.

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