Osteopathy is a therapeutic practice that is based upon the premise that manipulation of the muscles, viscera, bones, and the central nervous system, encourages self regulation within the body to restore function reduced pain and improved imbalances.

Athletic Therapy involves the assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of orthopedic and/or musculoskeletal injuries. Athletic Therapists use a variety of rehabilitative techniques to treat injuries and conditions sustained while playing a sport, recreational activities, accidents, or occupations.

To effectively reduce pain, improve mobility and speed up recovery, you must understand the interrelationships between the systems and layers of the human body; including, the muscular, fascial, visceral, circulatory and nervous systems.

Benefits of Osteopathy, a whole body healing approach:

  • Your pain will likely decrease with a reduction in joint and muscle aching.
  • You will have improved motion, a greater sense of ease in your body.
  • You will feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and less stressed.
  • You will be able to enjoy many of your favorite activities again.
  • You will have more energy available and less overall fatigue.
  • You will feel stronger, more stable and have improved balance.
  • You will return back to your activity/sport with more endurance, agility and power.

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